LoveSourceLetter No.1


* every 14 days… 14 authors… 14 stories… *

* inspirational stories, real life and fiction… each day one story…

* each day one link to a crowd-funding campaign…

* guest interviews… featuring other Socially and Humanly conscious blog, websites, tweets…

* only one Rule: Love, Learn, Express, Accept, Share… ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Proudly presenting this week:

27.01.2015. “Jana” by Ivana Tarnaj on  (day late release due to LifeLine issues)*

28.01.2015. “Osobe s invaliditetom nisu andjeli” – “People with disability are not angels” by Božica Ravlić, from InPortal 😀




01.02.2015. Tara distrojer po defaultu” ili kako je Tararirarara demolirala stan by Tara Bebolina and Muppetofaman

02.02.2015. “Shani” by Zora Megasteruna

03.02.2015. a gift from by Lana Hobit

04.02.2015. “Willow from Cumberland”- interview with Renee Ann Butler



07.02.2015. gift from Dina Nije Cura Fina ❤

08.02.2015. gift from Angie Andjela Grgurovac ❤

09.02.2015. gift from Happiness is Totoro ❤

* as this is a first issue it is WORK in PROGRESS, so it will be UPDATEd daily and we will have all fourteen story published here and we invite everyone to subscribe (this feature should be available soon). Also we are looking for as many authors and good stories as possible. So please, feel free to get in touch with us. Yours faithfully,  lovingly sourcingly Team


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Hm... Life experienced through the eyes of sometimes man and sometimes muppet :D

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